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Adding Dunster House Log Cabins to your product range could transform your business

Dunster House provides self-assembly log cabins to the retail and trade sectors, Sales Manager, Mike Hart, explains why log cabins are the next big thing for trade customers.
“The standards and value for money we provide to our customers combined with an increase in the popularity of log cabins has helped our business thrive. A pattern, we are pleased to say that is mirrored in the sales and successes of our log cabin trade customers. “ Mike Hart, Sales Manager at Dunster House explained

Log cabins are becoming increasingly popular in homes or rather … gardens, throughout the UK. As well as providing a decorative addition to any garden, the log cabins are utilised for many purposes including storage, recreational rooms, offices, summerhouses, pool changing facilities and even private Jacuzzi or sauna buildings.

To meet the variety of needs of customers, Dunster House has 12 log cabins of different sizes and design, ensuring there is a log cabin to meet the individual requirements and garden size of each customer.

What sets Dunster House apart from the rest is ‘simplicity’ and ‘affordability’ of their log cabins, at both trade and consumer level. By running their own fleet of vans, having salaried instead of commission based Sales staff, Dunster House are able to keep their costs low and their log cabins value for money.

Each log cabin is designed and delivered ready for assembly with clear instructions on how to build the garden cabin.

Dunster House offers 12 log cabins. The smallest log cabin currently available is the 6.5 sq./m ‘Tweed’ log cabin with 28 mm wall thickness, canopy, floor boards, locking door and 2 opening windows with shutters at £750 + VAT. The largest log cabin is the 20.2 sq./m ‘Ottery’ log cabin with 45mm wall thickness, French doors, canopy, and windows for £ 1,880 +VAT. The ‘Ottery’ Log Cabin can also be extended to approx. 40 Sq./m with the new Ottery Extension (£1,780 + VAT). Whatever the size and specific requirements of your customer, Dunster House will have the cabin they need. The timber used for the bearers in the log cabins is pressure treated to protect against the elements, the rest of the cabin is left untreated so that your customer can choose the which preservative to which best suits their needs.

If you are interested in offering log cabins to your customers, request a brochure and the trade price list on 01234 272445 or email: To view Dunster Houses log cabins online visit

As a trade customer of Dunster House you will also benefit from the national marketing of the Dunster House brand and be provided with product leaflets and point of sale product instructions for the customer.

Climbing frames and swing sets: Children playing for health

Dunster House, specialists in wooden climbing frames and swing sets for children, explores the question:

“Can climbing frames and swing sets help to keep children healthy, happy and active?”

BUPA reports on it’s website that “In recent years obesity levels in children have risen in the UK, with a worrying 8.5 percent of six-year olds now being obese (figures from the Health Development Agency [HDA])” The website goes on to say that “Part of the cause has been put down to a growing state of passive inactivity, with activities such as playing computer games and watching television becoming increasingly popular with children”

So do children really prefer to be sitting in the house in front of a television or computer game rather than running, hiding, climbing on climbing frames, chasing or being with friends?

As indicated by BUPA there does appear to be a reduction in active play by children in the UK. Pin pointing the exact cause is almost impossible. Some factors that may have had an effect include the rise and accessibility of computer technology, the apparent reduction in urban play spaces with climbing frames and swings etc. and more concern relating to child safety issues. What is definite is that this inactivity is having an impact on the health of many of today’s children.

As probably the greatest influence in a child’s life, a parent plays a key role in encouraging their children to be more active and providing their children with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and active play.

Encouraging children to participate in active play is an excellent starting point for health, but it also has many other equally important functions. In child development play can improve muscle control and co ordination, strength, stamina and when undertaken with other children social skills and emotional development.

So the good news is that given the space, encouragement and resources, such as climbing frames, sports equipment etc. a child’s natural instinct is to play! Which is one of the principles that Dunster House designers and manufacturers of wooden climbing frames and swing sets have incorporated into their products.
“We design our climbing frames to be safe and fun, but the fact they keep children active is a definite bonus! We took our inspiration from the way children love to play in parks. They relish the chance to run, climb, swing and slide and never once seem to be missing the television!” Alex Murphy, Director at Dunster House explained

“The reason our climbing frames keep kids active and fit is because they are enjoying themselves. Our wooden climbing frames are modular so they can be adapted as the child grows. Ultimately they are fun and allow parents to watch their kids play in the safety of their back garden. “

While Jamie Oliver, the media and the politicians fight for child health issues in the UK, as a parent, helping your own child to become more active can be as simple as encouraging outdoors play and also to lead by example.

For Further Information:
For further information on the climbing frames and swing sets provided by Dunster House, contact 01234 272 445 or visit

The full article from which the initial quote was taken from can be found on the BUPA website

Climbing Frames and Swing Sets ~ the popular choice

Dunster House, providers of timber climbing frames and swing sets, explain to the trade industry why climbing frames are proving a popular choice.
The British public are being urged by the media, the politicians and now even Jamie Oliver to focus on the health of today’s children. This focus falls in two key areas: diet and nutrition and exercise and fitness.

With a rise in computer technology, an increase in the number of television channels aimed at children and an apparent decline in urban play spaces with sports areas and climbing frames etc., there seems to be a growing trend of passive inactivity in children from the UK. This inactivity combined with recent nutritional concerns is starting to have an impact on some children’s health.

“Our trade customers are able to offer parents the perfect solution to getting their children out in the fresh air. Our climbing frames keep children entertained, active and safe.” Alex Murphy, Director at Dunster House explained
“We have taken our inspiration from play parks, where children relish the chance to run, climb on climbing frames and swing and never seem to be missing their television or computer!” he continued “and as our climbing frames are modular they are the ideal investment, parents can keep adding and adapting the climbing frames to meet the needs of their children.”
With summer approaching and more and more parents looking for ways to encourage their children to play outside and stay active, it could be the ideal time to add climbing frames and swing sets to your product range.

Dunster House is a family run business providing climbing frames and swing sets to trade customers throughout the UK. The Dunster House climbing frames are made from pressure treated timber and are compliant with European Safety Standards EN71-1, EN71-3 and EN71-8 .

Dunster House climbing frames can be sold as self-assembly products to your customers or installed by you to maximise profits. Dunster House can deliver the climbing frame to your premises or direct to your customer, they also offer additional sales and marketing support to help you launch your new product range, such as leaflets that you can stamp with your own address details which can be given out to your customers.

The trade price for the wooden climbing frames starts from £76 + VAT for the Manhattan which comprises of 2 swings, rope climb and 4 ground anchors. The most popular of the climbing frames is the Mini-fort Discovery Mk 2 (starting from £225 + VAT) with tower, 2 swings, rock climb, ladder and monkey bars. The frames are modular which means you will always be able to offer your customers add-ons and additional options.

For Further Information:
For further information on the climbing frames and swing sets provided by Dunster House, contact 01234 272 445 or visit

Deck kits: the simple way to an attractive garden

Deck kits and decking modules delivered to your home by Dunster House,

Decking is now the popular alternative to lawns and patios, as it creates a contemporary and elegant garden that is simple to maintain. Decking is durable, attractive and versatile and because Dunster House decking is easy to assemble it is the perfect way to get your garden ready for summer 2005!

Decking is the ideal starting point for a modern garden, however, for many the thought of designing, measuring, cutting and building a deck creates a sense of foreboding, which is why Dunster House offer the perfect decking solution…

Dunster House, a Bedford based company, are specialists in garden buildings and decking. Their new range of attractive decking is designed specifically for simplicity and assembly speed. The decking is modular, which means customers can simply choose a design and receive a deck kit or select individual deck modules in order to create their own design or fill a specific space. Dunster House decking is delivered in pre-made sections, and comes pressure treated and ready for assembly (with instructions and fixtures included).

The modular decking range from Dunster House also includes a number of attractive additions such as railings, bridge, pergola and the delightful rustic colours, which are elegant timber panels with a strip of stained style glass.

The decking is pressure treated to provide approximately 10 years protection against the elements but left unstained so customers can colour the deck in accordance with personal preference and garden design if desired.

Dunster House offer 8 pre –designed deck kit packages and a range of decking modules that can be purchased individually to enable customers to create their own design.

View the decking online at or call on 01234 272445 and speak a decking advisor.

Log Cabins: the affordable solution

Dunster House, providers of timber log cabins, explain how self-assembly makes buying a log cabin for your garden more affordable.
With the average log cabin costing between £1,400 for a medium sized log cabin through to £5000+, many people have ruled out these beautiful and practical garden solutions based purely on cost. However, by choosing a ‘self-assembly’ log cabin transforming your garden with a summerhouse, extra room or with a decorative storage cabin is now affordable. A medium sized Self-assembly log cabin can start from as little as £1,025 including VAT and delivery.

But is self-assembly complicated?
“Not if you buy your log cabin from the right company.” Mike Hart, Sales Manager at Dunster House, Bedford, explained “we deliver the log cabin direct to your door with all the log cabin parts clearly distinguishable and ready for assembly. We pre-cut, notch and fully prepare all individual components, so when it comes to building the log cabin all parts slot together according to the instructions.” Mike continued
“The construction of any self-assembly log cabin from our company should take two people with reasonable D.I.Y experience about a day. Which means you could be enjoying a drink under the canopy the very same day the log cabin is delivered!”

The self-assembly option has added to the popularity and use of log cabins through out the UK, making them affordable and accessible. With this popularity there has been an increase in the diversity of uses for the log cabins.

“People treat their log cabins as an addition to their homes, our log cabins differ in terms of size and specifications and have been used as everything from additional storage space through to a home office, summer house, hobby room, pool house and even private solarium!” Mike Hart said “I think that the reason that log cabins have become so popular is that they are incredibly versatile and can be used for anything the customer chooses. We have 12 log cabins of different sizes and designs to meet the intended use and garden size of all our customers.”

Dunster House offers log cabins starting from the 6.5sq. /m ‘Tweed’ log cabin with canopy, floor boards, locking door and 2 opening windows with shutters at £1,025 (inc. VAT and Delivery) ~ through to the ‘Ottery’ log cabin (20.2 sq./m) with 45mm wall thickness, French doors, canopy, and windows is available for £2,850 (inc. VAT and Delivery). The Ottery can also be extended to approx. 40 sq. /m for an additional £2,650.

For further information:
Request a log cabin brochure by contacting Dunster House on 01234 272 445 or view the cabins online at

The Enterprise Garden Office

With the growing trend of people escaping the rat race to work from home, Dunster House, experts in log cabins, have expanded their range to provide a tailor designed Garden office specifically the garden.

The Enterprise Garden Office is the latest addition to the Dunster House choice of attractive, easy to assemble and affordable garden buildings. The Dunster House range includes a choice of 12 log cabins in a variety of sizes and designs and now the versatile Enterprise Garden Office.

The Enterprise Garden Office has a contemporary design and provides all the internal comforts of a modern office. The 3600mm wide x 2360 mm deep space is decorated with warm vinyl wallpaper and has a full glass front to allow in natural light and a superb view of the garden. The Garden office is as secure as a home, with uPVC double glazing and locks on both the doors and window.

The principle designer of the Enterprise explained “we wanted to create a garden office that met the ergonomic and practical requirements of working from home, such as space, lighting and good insulation. But we also wanted to fulfil less tangible but equally important aspects, such as motivation and stress reduction.” He continued

“Creating an office away from the house that people are happy to spend time in was one of the first steps. The Enterprise Garden Office achieves this and can help people obtain a happier work / life balance. “

Unlike an office within your house, with the Enterprise Garden Office you are physically away from the distractions of your home and also have somewhere professional to meet with clients. Plus you can keep your home clutter free from job related machinery and paper work.

And it gets better, the designers at Dunster House really did think of everything “Once the Enterprise Garden Office has taken away the stress, the last thing we wanted to do was add any. Which is why the Enterprise Garden Office is designed to be low maintenance. It is covered in wood effect plastic which means that it will not need treating and is resilient to the weather. Other than an internal clean and an exterior wipe down the office requires very little care.”

Dunster House will deliver the garden office direct to your door. Assembly of the Enterprise Garden Office can be completed by 2 people in approx. 1 ½ days.

At £3,850 plus VAT (with free delivery), how much value could the Enterprise Garden Office add to your professional and personal life?

As a family run business Dunster House knows the importance of reputation , which is why their dedication to customer satisfaction matches their pride in the quality and affordability of their products.

View the Enterprise Garden Office or log cabins online at or request a brochure on 01234 272445.

Dunster House: Log Cabins and Garden Furniture direct to you door.

What ever the intention for your garden this summer be sure to visit for the inspiration you need to make your plans reality.

Dunster House are specialists in providing beautiful self-assembly garden products at affordable prices. The summer 2005 range includes: log cabins, climbing frames and swing sets, deck kits and the new tailor designed Enterprise Garden Office.

The garden products offered by Dunster House are attractive and practical. If you are looking for an additional room, summer house or an office , the Dunster House range of Log Cabins and Garden Offices offer the perfect solution. Equally the wooden climbing frames make a welcome addition to any garden and are designed for the enjoyment and safety of your children.

With a degree of DIY competence the climbing frames, log cabins, the Enterprise Garden Office and deck kits can be assembled with relative ease by two people. All the products come pre-prepared and pre-drilled for simple construction. Detailed instructions are provided.

View the products online or pick up the phone
View the summer range or place a secure order online at In a matter of clicks your garden could be ready for summer 2005 with a choice of log cabins, climbing frames and swing sets or deck kits.

If you would prefer to talk to someone or receive additional information, the Dunster House Sales Team are available 8:30am – 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am – 4pm Saturday. Call now on 01234 272445.

Delivery direct to your door
Dunster House run their own fleet of vans, which means they can deliver your log cabin, climbing frame or deck kits straight to your door. Delivery is available through out England and Wales. For information about delivery to Ireland or Scotland speak to the Sales Team.

As a family run business Dunster House knows the importance of reputation , which is why their dedication to customer satisfaction matches their pride in the quality and affordability of their products.

For further information visit the website at or contact Dunster House at:
Dunster House
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T: 01234 272445