Thursday, May 26, 2005

Climbing Frames and Swing Sets ~ the popular choice

Dunster House, providers of timber climbing frames and swing sets, explain to the trade industry why climbing frames are proving a popular choice.
The British public are being urged by the media, the politicians and now even Jamie Oliver to focus on the health of today’s children. This focus falls in two key areas: diet and nutrition and exercise and fitness.

With a rise in computer technology, an increase in the number of television channels aimed at children and an apparent decline in urban play spaces with sports areas and climbing frames etc., there seems to be a growing trend of passive inactivity in children from the UK. This inactivity combined with recent nutritional concerns is starting to have an impact on some children’s health.

“Our trade customers are able to offer parents the perfect solution to getting their children out in the fresh air. Our climbing frames keep children entertained, active and safe.” Alex Murphy, Director at Dunster House explained
“We have taken our inspiration from play parks, where children relish the chance to run, climb on climbing frames and swing and never seem to be missing their television or computer!” he continued “and as our climbing frames are modular they are the ideal investment, parents can keep adding and adapting the climbing frames to meet the needs of their children.”
With summer approaching and more and more parents looking for ways to encourage their children to play outside and stay active, it could be the ideal time to add climbing frames and swing sets to your product range.

Dunster House is a family run business providing climbing frames and swing sets to trade customers throughout the UK. The Dunster House climbing frames are made from pressure treated timber and are compliant with European Safety Standards EN71-1, EN71-3 and EN71-8 .

Dunster House climbing frames can be sold as self-assembly products to your customers or installed by you to maximise profits. Dunster House can deliver the climbing frame to your premises or direct to your customer, they also offer additional sales and marketing support to help you launch your new product range, such as leaflets that you can stamp with your own address details which can be given out to your customers.

The trade price for the wooden climbing frames starts from £76 + VAT for the Manhattan which comprises of 2 swings, rope climb and 4 ground anchors. The most popular of the climbing frames is the Mini-fort Discovery Mk 2 (starting from £225 + VAT) with tower, 2 swings, rock climb, ladder and monkey bars. The frames are modular which means you will always be able to offer your customers add-ons and additional options.

For Further Information:
For further information on the climbing frames and swing sets provided by Dunster House, contact 01234 272 445 or visit


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