Thursday, May 26, 2005

Deck kits: the simple way to an attractive garden

Deck kits and decking modules delivered to your home by Dunster House,

Decking is now the popular alternative to lawns and patios, as it creates a contemporary and elegant garden that is simple to maintain. Decking is durable, attractive and versatile and because Dunster House decking is easy to assemble it is the perfect way to get your garden ready for summer 2005!

Decking is the ideal starting point for a modern garden, however, for many the thought of designing, measuring, cutting and building a deck creates a sense of foreboding, which is why Dunster House offer the perfect decking solution…

Dunster House, a Bedford based company, are specialists in garden buildings and decking. Their new range of attractive decking is designed specifically for simplicity and assembly speed. The decking is modular, which means customers can simply choose a design and receive a deck kit or select individual deck modules in order to create their own design or fill a specific space. Dunster House decking is delivered in pre-made sections, and comes pressure treated and ready for assembly (with instructions and fixtures included).

The modular decking range from Dunster House also includes a number of attractive additions such as railings, bridge, pergola and the delightful rustic colours, which are elegant timber panels with a strip of stained style glass.

The decking is pressure treated to provide approximately 10 years protection against the elements but left unstained so customers can colour the deck in accordance with personal preference and garden design if desired.

Dunster House offer 8 pre –designed deck kit packages and a range of decking modules that can be purchased individually to enable customers to create their own design.

View the decking online at or call on 01234 272445 and speak a decking advisor.