Thursday, May 26, 2005

Log Cabins: the affordable solution

Dunster House, providers of timber log cabins, explain how self-assembly makes buying a log cabin for your garden more affordable.
With the average log cabin costing between £1,400 for a medium sized log cabin through to £5000+, many people have ruled out these beautiful and practical garden solutions based purely on cost. However, by choosing a ‘self-assembly’ log cabin transforming your garden with a summerhouse, extra room or with a decorative storage cabin is now affordable. A medium sized Self-assembly log cabin can start from as little as £1,025 including VAT and delivery.

But is self-assembly complicated?
“Not if you buy your log cabin from the right company.” Mike Hart, Sales Manager at Dunster House, Bedford, explained “we deliver the log cabin direct to your door with all the log cabin parts clearly distinguishable and ready for assembly. We pre-cut, notch and fully prepare all individual components, so when it comes to building the log cabin all parts slot together according to the instructions.” Mike continued
“The construction of any self-assembly log cabin from our company should take two people with reasonable D.I.Y experience about a day. Which means you could be enjoying a drink under the canopy the very same day the log cabin is delivered!”

The self-assembly option has added to the popularity and use of log cabins through out the UK, making them affordable and accessible. With this popularity there has been an increase in the diversity of uses for the log cabins.

“People treat their log cabins as an addition to their homes, our log cabins differ in terms of size and specifications and have been used as everything from additional storage space through to a home office, summer house, hobby room, pool house and even private solarium!” Mike Hart said “I think that the reason that log cabins have become so popular is that they are incredibly versatile and can be used for anything the customer chooses. We have 12 log cabins of different sizes and designs to meet the intended use and garden size of all our customers.”

Dunster House offers log cabins starting from the 6.5sq. /m ‘Tweed’ log cabin with canopy, floor boards, locking door and 2 opening windows with shutters at £1,025 (inc. VAT and Delivery) ~ through to the ‘Ottery’ log cabin (20.2 sq./m) with 45mm wall thickness, French doors, canopy, and windows is available for £2,850 (inc. VAT and Delivery). The Ottery can also be extended to approx. 40 sq. /m for an additional £2,650.

For further information:
Request a log cabin brochure by contacting Dunster House on 01234 272 445 or view the cabins online at